Sleep Stir

by Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie

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All Songs © 2013 Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie, JSMishalanie Music / ASCAP


released October 4, 2013

Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie - Voice, Electric Bass, Moog
Ashley Sosa - Voice
Molly Aronson - Cello
Maria Hadge - Cello
Paul Swensen - Cello
Sean McVerry - Celesta -
Cameron Wisch - Drum Set -

Recorded by Eric Holsten at Studio B, Purchase, NY. -
Mixed and Mastered by Lyman Cristensen at Gecko Recording Studios, Clinton, NY. -
Photos by Ashley Sosa

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all rights reserved


Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie New York

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Track Name: Book
I took out a book
It had been in
Since the Spring of 2000

He looked down
I live on the ground

I've never climbed
The big trees
In my own front yard

Most people could say the same

But I guess its sad
That I can't see my house
From the view right outside my window

I got a book
It hadn't been read
Since April 2000
Track Name: The Feel
When we couldn't see the lanes
We drove straight
With your hand

I grabbed the wheel to feel safe
When I turned
Made it dark

Still while the sun in the morning
When you think
We stayed around
Can't be wasted when It's easy

Water making you reflect
On the road
And my face

And its from a long day like that
when it seems
still good to sleep
Don't have the least time realizing

Tonight the lights were so dark
It worked out
Really there
Track Name: Few Seconds
Maybe its hard to look where you're supposed to
And when will a million few seconds of forgetting what I'm doing
Pay off in a surprise look into another's eyes and their thoughts are nice, and makes you think "I wonder what will never change"
Which will be forgotten?
The thought leaves just a shadow
Even just a little
It makes them laugh, and which the rest of your friends can't see the beginning

And now it looks like it
Will in a hundred years
They kind of feel like spiders
In the corners of your eyes

I think I'll keep being careful
And continue my rewinding
Why does 20 years ago
Feel like a video tape?
Track Name: Room World
When I
When I sat down to look
It looked back

Room World
The lamp lit two corners
And I slept

I'll start
Starting to think about
Sitting up

It was
Was funny but I can't
Track Name: Natural
The most interesting thing is asleep
Right behind me breathing slowly
Without control of the pulse of her
Heart and her breath

Until eyelids take over
And decide to breathe faster

Just to distract from helplessness
Can't avoid what you can't control

Bones and bodies viewed without heart and soul
Important stones from before we were born
There was a time with cartilage hidden beneath
Instead of wires and fake lines
Track Name: Careful
Careful with my dog
You have to be
Careful with my dog

He doesn't know it
But he's fragile
He can't know it

Careful with his heart